Blinky Bill Will Be Kenya’s Only Artist at Afropunk in South Africa

Blinky Bill confirmed for Afropunk 2019

Blinky Bill does it again. He’s the only Kenyan (and East African) artist who’ll be performing at Afropunk Festival in Joburg, South Africa this year (December 30/31 2019). What is this event all about and why do we care?

Afropunk in a nutshell

Afropunk was borne from a short film in 2003 with the same name. Described as an event that celebrates ‘the merging of art, activism and black punk culture’, its significance in promoting black creatives can’t be ignored. The annual festival was first held in Brooklyn. It’s now celebrated in Atlanta, Paris, London and Joburg.

Afropunk gives voice to minorities (black, female and LGBTQ+ artists) and champions for their rights. We all knew Blinky Bill from his days of Just A Band. You’re allowed to shed one tear of pride for this Kenyan maestro. Blinky also got a flurry of congratulatory messages on his social media platforms from fans and friends (count Spreadzone in as well).

He will be performing with the likes of Solange Knowles and Miguel at this two-day festival. Solange had pulled out last year due to illness but promised to make it up to fans and this year seems to be it. Burna Boy has also been confirmed as well as other African artists.

Wanna win a ticket?

You can buy tickets for this event or, you can get a free ticket. Sounds too good to be true right? That’s because even though it technically is a free ticket, you have to earn it by volunteering to support the causes that Afropunk stands for. Are you interested? Click here.

A polite reminder that December 31st is my birthday so if anyone is thinking of getting me any gifts, this is most definitely the gift I want. TIA! 

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