Wabosha Maxine and 5 Other Beauty Vloggers You Should Know

Forget the use of models on magazines and billboards, the world of beauty-centred content has found a new home for its ever dynamic lifestyle industry, YouTube. The site’s power has gone further to creating flourishing careers for many influencers, more specifically beauty vloggers, who have taken the glam game to heights beyond and above.

These beauty enthusiasts display their content to a wider public on make-up tutorials, beauty tips and recommendations with their own customized styles through videos, in turn diversifying the industry at large.

Without further ado, here are some of Kenya’s top beauty vloggers you should know;

1. Dennis Karuri

Dennis Karuri, who best describes himself as “just a boy blending the rules” started working as a makeup artist, before actively posting on his YouTube channel in 2018. From beauty tutorials to product reviews, the lad serves beauty content on the side of 360° entertainment. Karuri has also worked with notable personalities including Zari Hassan.

2. Joanna Kinuthia

Success is seeing Joanna Kinuthia reigning both in her career and in business. The 23-year-old beauty guru started her cosmetics line, Joanna K Cosmetics, back in December 2018 and has not looked back since. Joanna recently acquired the 100K YouTube subscribers milestone, thanks to her easy-to-follow tutorials. Her makeup skills have been getting the attention of major brands, which have led to mega collaborations.

3. Rosina Sharon

Dubbed “the Budget Guru”, Rosina Sharon is that go-to beauty vlogger who gets you glowing on a budget. Her channel offers various kinds of beauty-related content, but she is mostly known for her in-depth art of face beat.

4. Huddah Monroe

Influencer-cum-beauty vlogger, Huddah Monroe started uploading videos to her channel in late 2018. Since then it has grown by the thousands becoming one of the country’s fastest growing beauty channels. Her channel gives the lowdown on makeup tutorials.

Back in 2016 when Huddah launched her own line, Huddah Cosmetics, the products took off like wildfire. “The funny thing is that when I launched, I did not think they would do so well. First, because of my name and all the bad things that have been made up about me. But unbelievably, we were sold out 10 days after launching Huddah Cosmetics,” says Huddah.

5. Olivia Akumu

Olivia Akumu is one of the most versatile Kenyan beauty vloggers. While she has branched out and now includes plenty of lifestyle-related content such as “Get Ready with Me” (a.k.a. GRWM), fashion haul videos and Q&A snippets, she originally got her start on YouTube as a beauty vlogger.

6. Wabosha Maxine

Last – but certainly not least – is YouTube OG Wabosha!

Wabosha is not only one of the biggest influencers around; but also one of Kenya’s top beauty vloggers. She has garnered more than 120,000 YouTube subscribers –dubbed the #SlaySquad – who religiously follow her style, fashion, and beauty tips.

Aside from being branded as one of the country’s top 20 YouTube influencers 2019 by Odipo Dev., Wabosha has previously landed major deals with Nivea, Safaricom, KFC and now Jumia.

PS: Wabosha, where’s the invite link to that #SlaySquad WhatsApp group again? Regards, another fan, lol.

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