Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk at 5: Still ‘Smoother Than a Fresh Jar of Skippy’

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s mega-hit collaboration, “Uptown Funk” is celebrating five years since its release in November 2014. ‘Don’t believe us, just read’.

In a 2015 Billboard write up, Mark Ronson narrated how creating “Uptown Funk” was a “do or die” track for both him and his then record label, RCA Records. “I didn’t want to make them another quirky, eccentric album that they have no idea how they’re going to break. I wanted to deliver them this f—ing record so that they can have some ammunition this time”, said Ronson on releasing his fourth studio album “Uptown Special”, which alternatively sprang out the lead retro blockbuster single, “Uptown Funk”.

Described as a “funk-pop, soul, boogie, disco-pop” by various media, “Uptown Funk” surged to the top 10 charts in 30+ countries worldwide, making it the duo’s most successful single to date! The song debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, clinching itself up to the summit early 2015 and locking on 14 weeks later. The duo’s 70’s throwback jam drew fans worldwide, driving up staggering digital sales and streaming numbers. This not only made it among the top five longest chart-toppers in the chart’s history, but also became the best-selling song of 2015 with over 4.8million copies sold, according to Nielsen Music.

Uptown Funk also scooped the most coveted “Record of the Year” award at the 2016 GRAMMYs. Ronson, who received the award jokingly said, “I’ll never write anything as good as Uptown Funk”. That same year, Bruno and Ronson achieved the RIAA diamond certification becoming “only the 10th act in history to receive the honor”, for 10 million successful sales.

Chalked up in a myriad of successes came copyright controversies. The stint resulted in multiple lawsuits on “Uptown Funk” regarding its songwriting credits, bearing an “almost indistinguishable” resemblance and strong similarities to other 80’s hits, two of which have since been settled.

Last week, LiveXLive Inc., a world-renowned live entertainment media station declared “Uptown Funk” as the top Song of the decade. This, based on the company’s engagement quotient (EQ) which revolved around its listening trends, and a total 67 billion plays over the time period. “Our countdown takes into account exactly how our users have interacted with our music library from January 1, 2010 through today. Users pick their favorites and listen across all their devices, from their home to the car to work to play! Congratulations to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars for getting the number one spot”, said Kevin Stapleford, the station’s head of programming.

With over 3.7 billion views and 13 million YouTube likes, “Uptown Funk” still remains in the top 10 circuit among the most-liked music videos of all time, rocketing Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s positions as one of the defining pop stars this past decade. Happy 5th Anniversary Uptown Funk!

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