Majessty’s Meta-Themed ‘Loyalty’ Music Review

Majessty’s sturdy songwriting skills has not only developed a humid vibe —accompanied by exceptional mastering prowess at every turn, but also paved the way into a normal, ordinary rapper’s life through his expressive voice. The Kenyan rapper displays his softer side on the new “Loyalty” single, delving into relationships and the toxicity involved.

On his opener, he reminisces powerfully about “friends” he has left behind, but they seemingly don’t seem to go away — “I tryna switch up the lanes, you tryna spit on my name”, he raps. Further stamping his message across, he adds: “You know these days everybody tries to get with everybody, it’s hard to trust anybody”. Needless to say, it is but a fact of the matter.

Majessty is also appreciative of the close-knit group of people around him —“All my homies are my witnesses, I’m working with a bunch of geniuses”, as he lyrically raps about flying them to Dubai someday. As is to be expected, he does not exit the ring without a loungy meditation on love, yet maintaining his signature flow: “I’m afraid that I’m fallin in love (yeah), I’m afraid that she’ll break my heart bruh. I’m afraid she’ll break my heart (yeah)”.

“Loyalty” is Majessty’s most sharply drawn project yet, presenting intricate details throughout this sophisticated but (very much) understated rap stint. Having released at least six jaw-dropping songs in a span of six months, it is safe to finally say that the rap god has earned himself the maestro mantle he was destined for.

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