Quarantainment: Meet TikTok Sensation, Polly Wachira

Almost everyone I know is on TikTok. Polly Wachira is one of the most popular and sensational users on the platform.

Polly is cool, funny and these qualities have made her account entertaining to her thousands of followers. I had a quick chat with her to talk about her quick rise to TikTok fame.

Tell me a little bit about the quote, “The greatest mistake I made was to believe if I cast a beautiful net I’d only catch nice things” which is on your Instagram profile: 

It’s a quote from a series I really love called The OA. It applies to our lives in that we’re never guaranteed that we’ll get good things out of life by being or always doing good. Sometimes bad things happen but we learn and move on. 

Which university did you attend? 

I went to Kenyatta University and studied Marine Sciences.

Why do you think TikTok has grown so quickly in popularity? 

It’s easy to use and you can quickly edit videos, almost instantly on the app. You have fancy filters and they are really short videos between 30 and 60 seconds. It’s quite easy for you to create content. 

Walk me through your creative process; how do you choose what to put out? 

I like to keep my posts fun and keep my fans entertained. My inspiration comes from the sounds on TikTok and the thing with TikTok is that people have real talent and those sounds give me some sort of inspiration as to what I can and cannot do about the sounds. 

You got on TikTok last year and got verified in a very short period of time, what would you say attributed to that?

TikTok gives you an opportunity to be realized and noticed really quickly.  As long as you’re consistent, your fan base will grow quickly and verification comes easily after that. 

@polly_wachirahInsipred by @azz_iad. Someone please explain! ##fyp ##fypシ ##foryoupage ##meme ##viral ##xyzbca♬ original sound – livkayg

What advice would you give people who would want to be influential on TikTok like you?

I would tell them to be consistent and not to stop creating content. TikTok gives you a chance and space to showcase your talent. Follow and participate in the trends on the app, be on the lookout for new creators and pick a line. Whatever you choose to do, be consistent. 

You can follow Polly Wachira on TikTok Here

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