It’s Superb Quarantainment with Safaricom

To be honest, being indoors this long is not easy. How long has it been now? It feels like a decade but more than anything, this is for the good of the country in helping fight COVID-19. That’s why anything that’s exciting to keep us entertained is welcome. The powers that be have even coined the phrase ‘Quarantainment’, which we have duly approved. Safaricom is coming through for us with the best quarantainment by supporting us and the best Kenyan acts.

Online Live Shows

Do you remember Nyashinski’s Live album launch back in April? He set the bar high and reminded why we’re proud of our Kenyan acts. Safaricom came through for this quarantainment by providing fans with YouTube bundles to enjoy the concert. By the way, we hope you’re streaming ‘Lucky You’.

On 8th May 2020, King Kaka turned heads! If you tuned in for the KingKakavsKakaSungura live concert, then you know it was the treat we all deserved. The 2-hour concert was streamed on Trace Eastern Africa’s YouTube and social media pages. Safaricom again did not disappoint. Fans got the chance to tune in with special YouTube bundles.

Missed out on live shows? Fret not, because the partnership between Trace Eastern Africa, Multichoice and Safaricom will last a little while longer. King Kaka was the premiere artist in a 6-part series of live shows dubbed #TraceLive. We can’t wait to see more Kenyan acts!

How to Participate with Safaricom

You can easily get Safaricom YouTube bundles for streaming live shows by;

  1. Dial *544*20#
  2. You will get 80 MBs for the first day
  3. Top up Ksh 10 and get 80 MBs for the second day
  4. The bundle auto-renews after that
  5. You’ll get a message daily with a link to access YouTube

It’s simple as that! See you at the next concert!


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