King Kanja Releases Debut Album- Vibe Lord

Multi-talented U.S based Kenyan artist King Kanja has been on a steady rise. After a stint of successful EPs and a string of successful tours, he finally presents his debut album titled VIBE LORD, released under his imprint label King Kanja Empire.

Featured artists on Vibe Lord

From Singapore, Kenya, Atlanta, Nigeria, Zambia and London to L.A, the 10-track album features a cross-section of artists including OC Osilliation, Wntaln, Shank, Meaku, DJ Fred Muks, Mcrayanthedj, Ke4, Kanyeria and Kiara Lanier. Acclaimed music producers on the project include Samklef in Tonight, Ife Love in Pointy, 1414 in My Ting Ya and Kanyeria in Nakupenda Ma.

Inspiration for the album

King Kanja is celebrated for his unique style that blends hip-hop, R&B, reggae and African polyrhythmic music while infusing Kikuyu and Swahili language into his lyrics. Speaking about his debut album, Kanja says, “I am extremely proud of Vibe Lord because it represents the energy I bring in when I walk into a room or onto the stage and my growth as a man and as a musician. The different people, views and culture I have experienced from my tour last year influenced this album. In fact, a lot of these songs were recorded during the tour because I wanted to captivate the energy of the place and the audience from the concert.”

The Covid-19 pandemic did not stop or slow King Kanja’s music plans for 2020. Instead, it was a motivator to release Vibe Lord and connect more with his fans. He says, “During this Covid-19 period, I found myself transitioning into a different mindset and energy. It made me dig deeper inside me to pull out the biggest vibes I had to complete this album reflecting on the vibes I collected from each city during my U.S tour.”


Executively produced by King Kanja, Vibe Lord singles include Tonight, Oh Nana, Kitty Purr, My Woman, Pointy, Fancy, My Ting Ya, Nectar, Freak and Nakupenda Ma. The album’s music videos will be determined by fans favourites, Kanja is assertive, adding, “I wanted to give my fans a full studio album for them to fully experience my musical realm.” In the past three years, King Kanja has released two successful EPs: Vibes (2017) and Muchoki (2019). This new album is the first of a 3-part full studio album trilogy by Kanja. King Kanja’s next projects are nearly ready and will be a reggae and hip-hop album, respectively.

Stream the album

The album is out on digital platforms and you can stream it and enjoy the music.

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