Missed Trace Live Concerts? Here’s Where to Watch Them

The Trace Live virtual concerts are now on Showmax



Trace is giving local musicians a chance to thrive and survive in the midst of the global pandemic that has shut down the gig economy for artists while encouraging Kenyans to stay at home. By hosting a series of virtual concerts, the #TraceLive events are supporting the local music industry while helping flatten the curve. The concerts will come to Showmax after they air.

Trace Live Presents Kaka Sungura vs King Kaka

Rapper King Kaka needs no introduction, and the two-hour premiere of the Trace Live series featured a musical mash-up, as his two personas and two musical styles, one past and one present, battled it out on centre stage. The gig also featured performance artists Fena, Femi One and Amos & Josh.

Coming up next: Trace Live presents the Street Edition: H_art The Band & Naiboi

Showmax. The Street Edition is headlined by H_art The Band and Naiboi, followed by:

  • The Hip Hop Edition with Kaligraph Jones

  • The Gospel Edition with Mercy Masika, Eunice Njeri, and Evelyn Wanjiru

  • The Femme Fatale Edition with Valarie Muthoni, Karun, and Xenia

  • The Genge edition featuring Genge vs Gengetone


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