Chocolate Festival 2nd Edition was amazing(Photos Included)

If you’re a chocolate lover, then I hope you were at Event Haven gardens on December 9th. This was the location for the second edition of Chocolate Festival Kenya. This is the festival that offers people the chance to indulge in tasty chocolate and chocolate delicacies. This is done while good music plays.

The setting

The location was relaxing with open spaces for people to move about. Fortunately, the turn out was as expected and there was time to mingle, have a few drinks and yes, take photos. Tanzanian maestro Weeze Mnyamwezi even came to perform. If you ask me, I’d say it was just more than a Chocolate Festival, it was an experience.

It’s always a good time…

The festival

The event which had started at around 10 am, ensured that everyone got to sample the delicacies. Always make sure to leave with something when you go somewhere and for Chocolate Festival attendees, there was a sale of some of the pieces.

And then some wine

The MC and DJ

Hypeman SirJeremy got the crowd in the mood. He had people dancing to challenges where a dance battle was drawn between a group of 3 guys and 3 chics. The guys clinched the victory. Better luck next time ladies. DJ Walyse was the magic that kept happening at the decks.

Dance imefika Event Haven

The end

Sadly, all awesome things come to an end and by around 6 pm, it was time.

Well, enough of my talk. How about you see for yourself some of the photos from the event?

That is one helluva tasty piece
Group photo
This is how we do…
better get  ready for some bitings
Move yah baaady


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  1. The 2nd Edition was lit. Am a chocolate lover and I sincerely did enjoy this edition. It was way better than the 1st Edition. I enjoyed all varieties of chocolate and then the Music too was amazing…. looking forward to the the next edition.

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