Philanthropic Celebrities; What Drake Taught Me About Humanity

If you watch Drake’s new music video, God’s Plan, you will definitely feel challenged. In the video, he dishes out money and cheques to people who least expected it. It is truly a touching move by all means. The song is already at Billboard Hot 100 no. 1.

That is beside the point. I mean, what does he expect the rest of us to do since we all don’t have $1million to give away? He is not the only philanthropic celebrity. We have the likes of Bahati, Daddy Owen (he runs a foundation) to global stars such as Rihanna.

We had a discussion with a few of my friends about how great it is having enough money to contribute to others. But then again, that’s the problem; it should never be about whether you have enough. When you go to a children’s home on Sunday with your friends from campus and gift them the few things you had, it didn’t mean you had enough. For the people who participate in the Chapati Forum where they spend time with kids who are less privileged, it doesn’t mean they didn’t have other plans.

Well, here is what I’ve learnt about philanthropy;

  1. Time

Spending it with people who would not really think you would.

  1. Money

Whatever it is I have is enough. Whatever it is I can give is enough.

  1. Hope

Speaking belief into others is important. I also like it when someone says good things about me.

  1. Gratitude

Appreciate the few good things life has thrown at you.

I don’t know, maybe I’m overanalyzing yeah? Moreover Psychology Today reports that people’s sense of happiness is greater when they spend more on others than on themselves. Hmm, be randomly charitable this weekend.

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