Molly Jumah: A Simple Hobby Made Her A Bosslady

If a hobby makes you money, that’s a business.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter and I was rewarded by happening upon Molly Juma’s profile. On checking her out, I found out she runs a business and I wanted to know her story. The determined and friendly Molly simply combined her love for crocheting with what she learned in school and founded Hashtag Designs.

At her young age, she is proud to say she’s her own boss (Whoop! Whoop!)and she is working towards an even brighter future. Do you need a beautiful doormat or a rug for the bedroom? Hashtag Designs will sort you. If you need something custom made for an office to go with the decor, Molly is the one you should talk to.

She shared lots with me and I was impressed by the passion and dedication she shows when talking about her business. This is a sign we need to start creating jobs for ourselves as youngsters. Here is her story.

 If you had to walk around with a sticker on your head that says who you are, what would it read? 

Love your person and passion

What motivated you to start Hashtag Designs? 

A friend (Lorna) saw a potential in my crocheting hobby. On having conversations with a few other people, I was like, why not try this entrepreneurship thing. The products really fascinated me and I couldn’t wait to see how each design turned out to be in its final stage. It practically became my love and I have never looked back.

How did you come up with the name Hashtag Designs? 

It’s pretty simple; my vision is to have the brand being a household name, known for providing quality, unique and affordable flooring pieces. As the term “hashtag” suggests, it’s a trend toward something. The only tweak is that I would love it to be lifelong.

Which is the biggest challenge you had to overcome while starting out?

My own insecurities and pressures and just allowing myself to grow in the process.  I’m also glad to say that we at HashtagDesigns may be breaking even soon which is a major step for us. Getting market traction, in the beginning, wasn’t so easy; remember I’m a young female coming up with a hand-crocheted flooring line in an economy where haste and ready availability sells faster than custom products. But staying in your lane and being consistent in both quality delivery and customer relations have gradually smoothened the murky waters.

Would you say your background in economics helped you get to where you are now or did it all come naturally?

My economics background vis a vis entrepreneurship totally helped especially in understanding market dynamics and making speculated sale decisions. As much as the Bachelor in Economics has taken a backseat in the daily running of my life, I’m glad I went through the process. What has been a happy significance in my life is my diploma in Human Resource Management. I have learnt how to behave and understand not only clients but my employees and suppliers as well.
What sets Hashtag Designs apart from other brands? 
First of all, our carpets and mats are hand crocheted, looped(this is super unique to us), warm and fluffy.  As much as we have tailored products in stock for the door, bedside and toilet pieces, clients can still put in their own design, colour and size order specifications. Our carpets are totally custom made (you can’t find any in stock). Most importantly, we deliver within the set time schedule and are always in constant conversation with the clients in case anything pops up.

Do you work for your company fully or do you have to supplement your income with a different job?HashtagDesigns design is my water, food, breath, life. So yes, full time working in my company.

What reassures you in times of doubt?

I always look at the hurdles I have conquered and believe that tomorrow is gonna be a good day.
The pages within the binds of the Bible speaks so much to my life, not just businesswise. I am a Christian (believer of Jesus Christ) and I talk to Him and express my fears, joys and frustration. There is peace and calmness that comes with prayer.

Complete the sentence: Every young entrepreneur needs to know that_________________?

Your social life is on its death bed; be very intentional to know who and how to keep those you want around you.


What’s the one thing you wish to accomplish in the next few years?

To open a store and have a 20-45% market share in the provision of flooring pieces within Kenya.
I also want HashtagDesigns to be a household name.

How can one order for your products? 

You can make direct orders via our social media pages:

Instagram: @Hashtag_Designs

Facebook: @MollyJuma

Twitter: @Molly_Jumah

We do our deliveries throughout the country. For the city dwellers, there’s free delivery to the CBD twice a week.  Our workshop is based in Saika.

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