I am Proud Of This Ghanaian-American Fashion Designer

Do you know who Virgil Abloh is? I only read about him a few weeks ago and then yesterday. I found out he has been hired as the new menswear designer for famed fashion house Louis Vuitton. He comes in as an artistic director for the brand. That’s huge right?

The designer has a masters in architecture which makes it even odd how he joined fashion. If you’re an architecture student, this is the time to start considering shifting careers. I am always impressed by people who manage to excel in fields totally unrelated to what they studied on campus. That is what we call determination. Or maybe they just end up finding their true calling.

One of his big breaks came when he worked with Kanye West on his Yeezy collection. He provided creative direction as Kanye focused on building a fashion brand. But his success has been built over the years because he was once an intern at Italian fashion house Fendi. Virgil has clearly paid his dues. Oh, and about his Ghanaian roots, his parents moved to The States for a better life and brought him up there.

I asked a designer friend of mine what she thought and she said, “Africans are still winning and that’s great.” I also think the same. Virgil’s collection is called Off-White and he has gone on to collaborate with so many brands.

Virgil Abloh with model Bella Hadid

If you’re big on streetwear, I think Virgil is the man for you. Kim Kardashian and other celebs have gone on to congratulate the creative guy on social media.  He is also the first black man to helm Louis Vuitton’s creative department. If I hadn’t said it, CONGRATULATIONS MAAHN!!


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