Kenyan Artist, G-Boy Collaborates With Zambian Act Jay-Scanner In New Dope Hit

The best way to beat stress is by listening to music. It soothes so much. Music also breaks barriers and brings people together. This is evident by the fact that fast-rising Kenyan artist has collaborated with a new artist from Zambia. It is an East meets South kind of collaboration.

The new song is titled ‘Never Back Down‘ and it talks about the importance of not giving up. The song has fresh vibes and the beats feel very international. If you want to feel like you’re out-of-this-world, this song is for you. The beats are also very punchy and you will feel the message hit home.

Jay Scanner is a Zambian artist who’s making a name in local radio shows and this collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time. “The song is getting massive play in the Southern African region in the last few weeks it’s been out, “said Jay Scanner.

G-Boy, who has released several songs so far, also pointed out that the collaboration comes at a good time. “Jay Scanner is in Zambia and I’m in Kenya but you know, music is universal. His team reached out to me and asked if I was open to working with one of the biggest acts in Zambia, which I was. So we got down to business. Accepting the collaboration was a means of taking our music international, which I can confidently say I have achieved to a certain level.”

‘Never Back Down’  is a message to all the youth with a dream, as G-Boy says,”There are many things that can give you a reason to give up, in anything that you’re doing. But GRIT. It is a jam you can dance to and still, educative. Inspirational.”

G-Boy who is a keen follower of music moguls such as DJ Khaled and PDiddy is also part of a group called KeyCity that encompasses music, entertainment and fashion. As from what we can expect from this Kenyan act, he said, “We are currently working on the video for Never Back Down and I have so many projects I should unleash any time soon. I have a great team I am working with and I can only promise surprises. Big surprises.”

You can listen to the song HERE. Check out his SoundCloud link as well for more music.





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