#BeatsTalk: Amani’s First Gospel Song Is Remarkable

Her voice rocked the radio waves for many years. She is well known for her hit song “Kizunguzungu”. She has also graced the covers of local magazines such as The Insyder and True Love magazines. She is none other than Cecilia Wairimu alias Amani. She has been missing from the music scene for a few years but it seems the break is now over. After turning a new leaf, accepting salvation and identifying as a Gospel artist, she has produced a new song, “Jina Lake Yesu”.

In the song, Amani praises God and asks others to join in the same. The beats, message and her amazing vocals are stitched together to produce a mellow song. The jam is based on Psalms 105:1-2 which describes David’s praises.

The Kenyan music industry has seen  shifts especially with secular artistes changing gears to gospel music. For some artists, this has not warmed the hearts of their fans and others have taken it too far in regards to monetary gains.

I think that life is changing and change is inevitable, how anyone deals with change is up to them. Complaining or bad mouthing does not make it better. Instead do something about it, more so for the better. That’s my two cents.

Verdict; This is a remarkable three minutes and 47 seconds.


*This article was written by Spreadzone Blog contributor Caroline Mulu*



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