Travel Kenya: Geothermal Hot Spa in Naivasha

The Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha, Kenya is home to some of nature’s best kept phenomena.

It’s been a while since I went out to experience nature in full. A group of fun-seekers, among them my friend, however, were lucky enough to go to Hell’s Gate park where the Geothermal Hot Spa is located.

The Geothermal Hot Spa is truly a haven in the park.

Ever wondered how swimming would be like with a large pool and hot water coming direct from the geothermal energy farm? The Hot Spa offers that and more.

From the photos and what my friend told me, the place is always parked. Tourists go there to enjoy the only large warm water body in Kenya.

“The calming water and the embrace of nature gives one time to relax and enjoy,” Lawrence, who got the full experience, told me about the place.

The next time you’re looking to stop and smell the roses, a good swim with friends at the Geothermal Hot Spa inside the Hell’s Gate National Park will suffice.



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