A Fun-tastic Weekend Getaway!

Kenyan traveller at Ngong' Hills

Have you been to Ngong’ in Kenya? When I hear the word Ngong’, only two things come to mind immediately; a)the shitty choke-full traffic on the road that leads there and b)horses because of the race track. However, there’s more to Ngong’ for those who love travelling.

Turu Travels, a Kenyan safaris and holiday company, organized a day trip to the place. The travellers started their adventure from Ngong town headed towards the Kiserian region.

They say, you can anything as long as there’s good music and Turu Travels kept that in mind. (Although that quote is mine, ahem) Hiking can be tedious but the travellers, who were young Kenyan millennials enjoyed every minute of it thanks to good music, fun conversations and let’s not forget, awesome photos.

Did you know that hiking reduces stress levels? I envy this team of youngsters. They had lunch at Ole Polos and guess what they had? Good ‘ol tasty nyama choma. Of course there are those who had fries, ugali and traditional meals such as mukimo.

The fun didn’t end there. Swimmers got to do their thing as there is a place for people to swim in the area.

The cherry on top of this trip was the cake. The team cut a tasty cake to mark the day and appreciate November babies. And it was all this for a very affordable price.




*You can check out Turu Travels Kenya for more details*

Photos courtesy: Turu Travels*

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