An Awesome Reading List From Kenyans

Two benefits of reading include memory improvement and mental stimulation. Of course, there are so many other benefits that include gaining knowledge. Have you purposed to read a book or a blog this year and you’re not sure what to go for? With the help of Spreadzone Mag readers, I have come up with a list of books you can check out in 2019 just like we did for the movie and series.

I should say that reading books for pleasure or for knowledge is not an easy fit. Studying for school is already hard enough. Now imagine reading for pleasure until you finish a whole 300 pages! This year I will be focusing more on blogs and websites that I’ve come to appreciate their content. Here’s your 2019 reading list!


I enjoy mentally stimulating discussions centred around culture and one site I have found to offer such pieces is Man Repeller. Yes, the target audience is women who are into fashion but I’ve gotten great career advice from them. Check out that piece here. Another website I enjoy going through is Marvin, a South African online magazine targeting men. They have it all; car reviews, relationships, careers… and it’s all packaged in a way that’s relatable to most men. Spreadzone (ahem, that’s us) is also where you should be spending time.  Your support has been amazing and even one reader says, “I love the content, it’s awesome and it also helps that the editor is my boyfriend.” P.S I am the editor guys! 🙂 Thanks Salome, my love.


Steve said he will be focusing on something new. “I want to read more EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) books and learn how to improve my EQ. It has become more of a survival mechanism,” he says. In the age of heightened depression and even paranoia, EQ books are a must even for employees. One of the books is The Emotional Intelligence Quickbook. It gives a guide on how to put your EQ to work. Annrose, another Spreadzone reader, will be reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. The summary for the book reads, “The Compound Effect will show you why big, abrupt changes rarely work and how you can change your life over time with the power of small, daily steps, a routine that builds momentum and the courage to break through your limits when you reach them.


Caroline, a frequent visitor on our website suggested Becoming by Michelle Obama, Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts, A Woman After God’s Heart by Elizabeth George, The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Caroline is also planning on reading Gabrielle Union’s We Are Going To Need More Wine. These books are for the person who wants to hear from the experiences of other women and expand their perspectives on the world.

General interest/Life

Ivy, another reader on our site, says she will be focusing on Hairdresser from Harare by Tendai Huchu. She says, “It speaks of Zimbabwe, it’s political, social and economic state in the most interesting way possible..if you want to know how most African countries are then you will get it there.” This is definitely one to check out. John, who’s also frequent on our website will be reading The Fatherhood Principle by Myles Munro. This is the fatherhood guidebook. And because life can be hard and sh$*%ty sometimes, Damaris recommended reading “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F$*K by Mark Manson.

If you’ll still be studying, that’s fine. You get both mentally stimulated and knowledgeable, but the catch here is, you’ll be tested for it and you’re also paying for it.

You can get some of these books online or from stores such as the Textbook Centre bookstores around Nairobi. What will you be reading this year?



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