The ‘Male Beyonce’ Delivers Great Hits and 2 Other Albums Not To Miss!

With 2019 already hot off the block musically speaking, it was no different last week with great projects being dropped by various artists. After taking some time with them and letting the music marinate, these are the projects I feel make the cut.

  • Decimator vol. 1

This project is a collaborative project by Decimal records’ full roster. In an attempt to bring forth a diverse sound, executive producers Eric Musyoka and Bon’eye of P-Unit paired established acts such as Naiboi, Frasha with upcoming acts such Konkodi and Khuhanui with a sprinkle of the sonic chameleon that Brian Nadra is. The project ended up injecting a much-needed breath of fresh air onto the music scene and the versatility of artists like Brian Nadra coming forth as he is able to transcend different genres from R&B/POP to Dancehall to creating club bangers like ‘Drinks na Mayenx’ alongside veteran P-Unit member Bon’Eye and label mate Konkodi. Despite the fact the project was released on 10th December it is now picking up traction after being drowned by the sudden influx of holiday music. So as we ease into 2019, start it right by heading out to your music platform of choice and copping that new Decimator and crank it up.

  • The Wizrd

Termed ‘the trap sorcerer’, ‘male Beyonce’ among many other nicknames, Future returns with his seventh studio LP; the WIZRD. On first listen as expected, the album seems a bit more intimate than his last project seeing as he named the album after the nickname given to him by his now deceased uncle. He manages to do this without taking away the feel-good nature that has become synonymous with music from Future on top of cutting edge production and mind-blowing beat switches. He manages to do this with minimal features from Young Thug, Gunna and Travis Scott. A great listen and if you sense a slight increase in masculinity in the next week or two, you know who to blame (Hint; it’s the male Beyonce).

  • Assume Form

English alternative artist James Blake marches into 2019 in full armour with arguably the strongest project of the year thus far. While the year just began and that title is still very much up for grabs, James Blake shows his intent by recruiting powerhouses in Andre 3000, Travis Scott and Metro Boomin who each deliver as expected. The project has signature James Blake written all over it but with a slight pop shift and less use of his crazy vibrato. This, however, takes nothing from the project as it feels complete and perfectly executed.

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