Paris Fashion Week Takeaways: Puffy Jackets, Coats and Fluid Apparel

Imagine being in the city of love and on top of that, imagine being in the city of love when it is hosting some of the most fashionable people in the world. Well, that’s been the case in Paris for the last week with the men fashion week happening between the 15th-20th of January. During this period, a lot went down in terms of the very diverse showcases and also certain dressing patterns noticed among the attending male fashionistas. These are some of the takeaways from the illustrious event.

The metrosexual man has been continuously pushing for boundless freedom to express himself through apparel. The Paris fashion week intentionally provided the platform for such form of expression. The cold weather currently being experienced across Europe also presented a perfect opportunity to get even a bit crazier with layers and proved as per my observation that the cold tends to open up the room for people to get a bit inventive with their dressing. Public figures such as Fran Ocean, Gunna and Kid Cudi are perfect examples of people who layered with Frank Ocean and Gunna opting for puffy retro jackets during Virgil Abloh’s Off-White showcase while Kid Cudi opted for a long trench coat layered on top of a red hoodie.

The most notable piece of clothing during this fashion week were coats. Whether trench or a sports jacket or dress coat, this seemed to be the foundation for most looks. This was best done by Chris Brown who during the legendary Yohji Yamamoto’s showcase rocked one of Yamamoto’s coat with a Yamamoto Chinese collar shirt and oversized cropped dress parts. The look was perfectly executed and each piece of the outfit played its role perfectly in bringing the outfit together. I chose this outfit because it represented the spirit of the fashion week during the showcases which were to push the boundaries but still keep the outfits simple enough to be worn in ones day to day life.

With the world becoming more accepting of gender fluid apparel, this was also observed during the Paris fashion week with figures such as Gunna and Frank Ocean straight up wearing handbags while the fanny pack continued its upward resurgence in the fashion world. Gender fluid apparel also reared its head in the type of trousers men wore, with silky, wide-bottomed pants being a common sight, these trousers were a hit among hippy women during the 70s.

This being the first male fashion week of the year the tone, it set the right precedent for the coming ones as this was a tutorial to others on the fact that a fashion week doesn’t have to be elaborate and confusing for it to be successful because sometimes less is more.


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