Where Do You Hang Out? The Coolest People We Know Tell Us

We survived January! Phewks! It was a brutal month, wasn’t it? February is finally here and that means it’s time to chill and fall in love. Or fall out of love. Anyway, where do you hang out when you’ve got the cash to spend? It’s good to give yourself a pat on the back and treat yourself to something nice every now and then. I asked some of the coolest people I know where they like spending their downtime. My financially savvy friend Yvonne isn’t one to indulge in big luxuries. She told me, “Does my bed count? I would not rather be anywhere else :-)”  But don’t be fooled. I saw her sipping Remy Martin the other day. Well, I don’t know how financially savvy that is.

I’m more of a movies guy so for me, the cinema is my ultimate hangout joint. The cinema at Westgate Mall is my favourite go-to place. It doesn’t have high human traffic which means less anxiety and a higher chance of me enjoying myself. Kimpossible, I’m coming for you. Where are you spending your cash this February?

KFC is the place to be,” says BP, a young computer scientist. Why? I ask him and I think he sort of wrote a poem. We support poets, here is his untitled poem,

There are chicken reasons… 

a million chicken reasons why
a bucket full of wingy reasons
juicy breasty reasons

f**k, my tastebuds are quivering…

I’m now hungry!! Sylvia, fondly referred to as Binti Pretty online, is an influencer and digital marketer and that means she’s also on our cool list. She says, “I like to go to fancy restaurants for food and drinks- try out a new joint or club. I’d want to check out Milan, I’ve seen they got good food on Instagram. Instagram is my reference point most of the times. So I know it’s a joint because of IG. So, I’ll just hit up the girls and we make it a plan on a weekend.” Fellas, I think we talked about the need for brands nowadays to be Instagrammable. It’s honestly one of the biggest ways to attract a young market. Milan recently opened at The Mirage building, off Waiyaki way and it has gotten positive reviews.

Fashion writer and editor Flora, who also runs a business which you can check out in the Instagram post below, enjoys more outdoorsy activities, saying, “The Laser Tag place located at ABC Place and the bowling at Village Market are so much fun. I also like going to the shooting range to blow off steam. For nightlife, J’s is my place. I just love the ambience there. Ololua Nature trail in Karen is where to be for a breezy afternoon.” 

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I also talked to ‘Lavish Rover’. She’s an erotic writer based in Nairobi and you can check out her steamy pieces here. So where does a roving mind find inspiration, “I love The Node. It’s really affordable, the ambience is perfect for my introverted personality and their food tastes awesome.” The Node is located in Westlands, opposite Jacaranda Hotel.

Publicist and communications guru Kat Mirero is more of a traveller, “My ideal way to spend money would be travelling, like a road trip, visiting another town. I love seeing new sites.” For the perfect *Valentine’s date* she says, “An ideal date would be a whole weekend away in a hotel (even if in Nairobi). For me change of scenery is so key!!! Because of my job I always go for events and club performances and gigs so I can’t go clubbing for fun. Restaurants are also good but for me, they ain’t a top priority.”  

Wow. So many places and so many things to consider, right? Entertainment and lifestyle editor Jacqueline suggests an awesome club located on Utalii Street, Nairobi, “Mwenda’s Cocktail Bar has really good cocktails and it’s also pocket-friendly. It’s a nice hangout joint to pre-game your night out.” Whoop, whoop! Now you know where to start your night.

Music producer-slash-rapper G-Boy is not that into clubbing but he says, “I rarely go to clubs, not that I hate clubbing (I really wanna go to a strip club) but because of an issue or three. But if it is for networking purposes, events involving music and musicians then i’ll go. I don’t have particular clubs that I’d go to since it’s more dependent on the event. I used to go to Tribeka but I outgrew the place (laughs).” I think I’ll link up with him when he decides to visit, ahem *clears throat*

My photographer friend Doug says, “Charlie’s Bistro for lunch, CJ’s restaurant for supper, Java for breakfast, in a Jaguar during my jav, in my balcony in a leafy suburb in the morning, in my pool in hot days like this, Anga IMAX in the evenings for movies, Sundays brunching, Sunday afternoons at the go-karting place. I think I got them all now.” Yeah, I think it’s safe to say all dreams are valid and that what you speak manifests in real life. Can I get an Amen?

Treat yourself or your partner. Try going to a new place for a change. Also, meet me in the comment section and tell me where you like hanging out when the mullah starts rolling in. Happy new month y’all!



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