Yedu: Leading The Way in Revolutionizing Kenyan Fashion

Yedu under the able leadership of blogger and style icon, Bridget Shighadi, has never been one to shy away from a challenge, from making dashikis an actual thing in Kenya to starting a tank top wave for dudes. These are but a few of the achievements this clothing line has been able to achieve in under a decade. In true Yedu fashion, we have observed that a resurgence of sorts seems to be brewing after a seemingly quiet period for the brand.

The Kenyan fashion scene has always been a hard nut to crack as most of our fads as well as trends are like almost every other part of our lives; influenced by foreign lands and Yedu being one of the few Kenyan brands to successfully curve a loyal customer base for themselves seem to be yet again redefining what it means to be a Kenyan clothing line. This however is not going to be an easy task as a lot of the choices offered to Kenyan consumers is often merchandise packaged as clothing lines.

What is the difference you ask? A clothing line is basically built upon creating various forms of apparel from scratch and within it providing certain nuances within the clothing pieces that distinguish one line from the other. While it is okay to borrow from popular trends this doesn’t mean it is okay to purely depend on them. Bringing me to what a lot of Kenyan consumers are provided with, a lot of people aspiring to own a clothing line just print stuff out on pre-ordered apparel thus providing potential customers with unmotivated, uninspired product ultimately driving them away.

This is what Yedu has so many times successfully done different, they have often taken advantage of Kenyans heavy reliance on foreign fashion trends and put their own little spin on it while at the same time providing a marketing master class to all other clothing lines. Nothing is different this time as Miss Shighadi has been previewing some of her personal designs on her social media pages. The designs have been nothing but tastefully created with a touch of elegance to sum it all up. Now whether or not the pieces she has previewed will be on the upcoming Yedu store (as hinted by her) we do not know, but if we are going by what the organization has shown us thus far, we are definitely in for a treat.

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