Key Takeaways from The Grammys 2019 Awards

The Grammy Awards show is the longest standing platform for notoriety in the music scene and as a result of that, a lot of sentiment and music history is associated with the awards. 2019s Grammys last Sunday were no different especially coming off the back of one of the most active years in music with a large number of the big names in music putting out a project from October 2017-October 2018. That’s usually the period of eligibility for a project in terms of when to submit music to the recording academy for consideration. The registered recording academy members are responsible for considering music projects. That said, this is what we observed from the 2019 Grammys.

  • A lot of safe fashion choices

The Grammys and Oscars are always reminiscent of a met gala as this is the time everyone comes to play and during the 2018 Grammys there was a lot of bold fashion statements across both gender lines. This year however a lot of safe fashion choices were opted for by attending acts with the resident risk taker Katy Perry, Belcalis better known as Cardi B, Offset and Pusha T being some of the few acts who were willing to push the envelope. This, however, takes nothing away from the other acts as most people brought their A game.

  • Women reigned supreme

During the 2018 Grammy awards, something in the air was amiss as no female act emerged victorious in the major categories despite there being numerous nominees. When one of the producers was asked what the reason for this occurrence was, he implied that the women should step up which led to a lot of backlash especially in the wake of the #Time’sUp and #MeToo movements. Well they must have stepped up this year as females swept most of the major categories such as album of the year, rap album of the year, new artist of the year among many other categories. This is on top of the cameo appearance of forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama and Alicia Keys excellent hosting capabilities and performance.

  • The Grammys are on a steady decline

It would be foolish of me to say that the Grammy has no relevance in today’s’ music scene for despite all the negative traction that the award show has been attracting of late, any artist worth their salt wants to have that coveted gold gramophone in their trophy cabinet. I can however not say this will still be the case in the next 5 years. Performing and attending the Grammys have always been the highlight of artistes lives but 3 major acts (Drake, Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar) declined to perform and 2 out of the 3 went on to not attend the show despite winning. Drake also publicly criticized the ‘get an award for validation culture’ prompting him to be cut off. This has been a storm brewing for a long time as in 2017 Frank Ocean among other artistes declined to submit and perform at the prestigious awards in solidarity with Kendrick Lamar who he believed should’ve won the award having lost out to Taylor Swift. This was then followed up by Drake in 2018, also refusing to submit his music.

Whether the Grammys popularity is fading or not, no award show is capable of satisfying everyone and this year was no different with major rumblings rising due to Cardi B’s rap album of the year victory. This seems to be at the expense of Nicki Minaj who was not even nominated for a single category despite selling over 100 million records and being one of the highest selling rappers of all time. She, however, was not alone as J. Cole and Chris Brown were snubbed as well. That being said who do you guys feel deserved nomination or an award and what did you guys think of this years’ Grammys. Comment below.

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