Steamy Playlist: The Hottest Kenyan Songs for Valentine’s

I’m sending you all the love you deserve this Valentine’s. If you’re a lady, show this article to your bae and tell them to come and fight me, I’m ready to take a punch for you this day. But I doubt that will happen because my girl will have beaten your bf to the race and I’ll be too much of a wreck to receive any more beating. Babe, when you read this, happy Valentine’s day (kisses).

Here are Kenyan songs that you should listen to, to spice up your day and love life on Valentine’s day. You know what, this is the playlist you should have for the entire month. Most of these songs were released this month so if you’ve been keeping up, you’re on the right track.

Trina Mungai ft Mayonde “Shika”

This is the song that will get everyone in the mood. The video is just enough to remind you why Valentine’s is important.

Sauti Sol ft Vanessa Mdee “Kamasutra” 

Sauti Sol never disappoint and this time they made sure they had something for lovers this season. Here is their track off their African Sauce album featuring Vanessa Mdee.

Juma Jux ft Nyashinski “In Case You Don’t Know” 

Nyashinski is Mr-Steal-Your-Girlfriend in this music video. Juma Jux collaborated with Nyash for this fire jam and it dropped just in time to complement the mood in the air.

Otile Brown “Crush” 

Have you made your move on your crush yet? Otile Brown will give you a reason to send that risky text. The universe is aligning the two of you together *wink, wink*

Charisma ft Mbithi “Unanvyonipenda” 

Another awesome love song by two amazing Kenyan singers who are on the come-up. This jam should be on replay today and this whole month.


What other songs do you think fit the mood? Meet me in the comment section and share your steamy playlist with me.


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