Waiting on Siergio’s Time

The R&B conversation still remains a hot topic among music lovers’ months after the King of R&B debacle ensued. The conversation has pushed for recognition of the growth of R&B in recent years and the diversity that has resulted as a product of the genre’s growth. This is in terms of both artists on the come up and how the genre is perceived. One of the most promising prospects in the R&B genre is Siergio. The Atlanta based singer-songwriter is on a hot streak as his last albumThis will hurt’ peaked at number one on the iTunes R&B chart and at number 10 on the Billboard R&B album chart.

The ‘Catching vibes’ hitmaker is showing no intention of slowing down as he has now released 5 visuals for the songs on the album. The latest being a visual for ‘Waiting’, arguably the most heartfelt song on the project. The video begins with Siergio playing the protagonist as he drives through the street whilst simultaneously being in a room which seems to be his own as he is packing clothes into a duffle bag. The video insinuates that he is tired of being in a relationship where he is not getting all that he hoped for. These sentiments are echoed by the lyrics which in a nutshell indicate that he has been waiting too long and is no longer willing to wait.

The specific subject matter on what he has been waiting for is however not disclosed. Siergio leaves the door open for various interpretations and the easiest conclusion to drift towards is that of a relationship gone wrong. In an exclusive conversation with the crooner, however, he tells me that, “I really want people to know where I’m coming from with this particular song because it sounds like a love song and for many people, it can be a love song. The song is actually my conversation with God and my patience with him surrounding my career and where I want to be.” 

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Imagine fucking with someone other than me

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This statement opens up a whole different dimension to what this song and video could represent to his fans and also what it could mean for any human going through this thing called life. I personally feel this song and video come as a package deal. This means one without the other is great but together the two are genius. This is because the message behind both is relatable to the core. It shows vulnerability and admission of impatience with God‘s timing. A predicament we all face in our daily lives.

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