4 Sneakers In Celebration of Air Max Day

Over the years as sneaker culture has continued becoming a thing, there have been definitive moments for various brands or specific sneakers and their colourways. Sneakers such as Yeezys, Jordan 1s, Off-white collaborations among many other sneakers all had that break out moment. Air max shoes happen to be one of the sneakers sitting pretty in this prestigious category. On the 26th of March sneakerheads all across the world participated in Air Max day, a celebration fast gaining traction. In the spirit of Air Max day, we decided to share our favourite air max sneakers over the years.

  • Air Max 270

The 270s were designed to pay homage to the 1991 Air Max 180. This is seen in the shoes design lines and silhouette which is similar to the original, giving the shoe a modern vintage look. Its exaggerated tongue is however different from the heritage Nike logo being emblazoned on it reminiscent of the originals little Nike swoosh in the same place. The 270s just like their predecessors are seemingly gearing up to have a long life in the sneaker world.

Airmax 270
  • Air Max 1

Being the first Air Max sneaker to be released back in 1987, it has numerous iterations and each iteration has managed to bring something new to the table. This sneaker is solely responsible for changing the sneaker game technology with its groundbreaking air sole concept. It has since given birth to various sneaker ideas and is one of the most popular shoes among sneakerheads public figure or not.

Airmax 1
  • Air Max 97

The air max 97s are a perfect example of what a blend of fashion, great shoe design and groundbreaking technology can lead to. Being one of the most popular cross-gender sneakers, it is subject to tinkering more often than not. This means it has various iterations providing something for everyone on top of being comfortable and unique in style.

Airmax 97
  • Air Max 90

Known for its distinctive chunky sole, this is one of the most loved trainers in the Air Max brand itinerary. It is a perfect mix between a sportswear trainer and fashionable sneaker and is one of the shoes responsible for the crossing over of both worlds. The 90s had not had an iteration make a big splash for a while, until in February this year when latest major addition to the roster; the Air Max X off-white collaboration came into the fold taking back their rightful place atop the sneaker world.

Airmax 90

As this iconic shoe continues its domination over popular culture, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for their fans (literally). That being said what are some of your favourite Air Max sneakers?

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