Hedgehog Creative: A Safe Space for Music in All Its Entities

Hedgehog creative is a musical instrument store located in Sarit Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. During an age where everything music is being digitalized, Hedgehog remains unshaken in its quest to stay true to the homeliness that a music store brings forth among music lovers. This goes beyond just selling instruments, the store also sells physical copies of different projects, on top of providing artists with a platform to perform and learn through workshops.

At heart, Hedgehog is a business and that is what keeps the lights on. Carving out an ambience as serene as that within the Hedgehog premises requires dedication and commitment to music as a craft, and also to quality products, all which do not come cheap. When one enters the store, they are met with a plethora of musical instruments all put on display in a cool, creative manner almost resonant to the halls of Hogwarts (Harry Potter fans, unite), only minus the floating candles, replaced with strung up guitars among other instruments.

Some of the instruments sold here include Podcaster microphones that allow one to record their podcast directly into the computer without the need of an additional digital interface. A variety of guitars are also available from acoustic to electric guitars and devices such as amplifiers to act as accompaniments to the guitars. The store also caters to the more traditional consumer by providing instruments such as traditional drums i.e the Djembe drums. As I have illustrated above, the diversity of their inventory further proves their intent to cater to all musicians and music lovers.

The live music scene has been on a steady rise in Kenya over the last couple of years. When acoustic performances initially gained popularity in Kenya, venues were not as important as the performance itself, but as more and more performers continue to come up, the struggle to provide a unique and captivating show, interesting enough to lure audiences to ones show over their peers is getting more and more intense. Hedgehog has thus stepped in and provided a platform for the not so mainstream but talented artists to express themselves. The great environment within hedgehog provides that unique experience that show goers seek, thus giving the artists a fighting chance. Some of the artists that have performed at hedgehog include the very soulful and Jazzy Ciano Maimba, the wonder kin group Kaskazini and Pulse Music Video Award nominee Enoque Wambua.

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