Kenyan Actress Receives International Recognition

Anah Ambuchi has joined the list of Kenyan actors and actresses who have been globally recognized. She is a 12-year old Kenyan-American actress who was honoured at the recently concluded Cannes Film Showcase for her debut film, ‘Made in His Image’.

Anah received the inaugural Rising Star Award at the film showcase and she describes herself as an actress, producer, model and dancer. According to her IMDB page, the film was inspired by how bullying and colourism have affected her. In the film, she hopes to “inspire, encourage and educate and decrease the statistics that every seven minutes a child is bullied on the playground in the U.S”. Her inspiring win at such a young age is reminiscent of 14-year Marsai Martin who’s also a film producer. Kenyan actors and actresses are really making us proud.

This was Anah’s first film to direct. The Kenyan actress based in the U.S had another film which received massive recognition. She has had a principal role in ‘Bang‘ which got selected for the Cleveland International Film Festival, NAACP National Convention in Baltimore and the Justice on Trial Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Kenyan actors and actresses over time have managed to find success in Hollywood, the world’s film capital. Hopefully, in due time, she will be among the likes of Lupita Nyong’o. One can argue that being based in the U.S gives her more opportunities to progress in her field but one cannot deny the effort that’s required which she is already showing at an early age.

Anah Ambuchi’s film might be hard for Kenyans to view locally. Unless the movie gets an international distributor, it will be hard to see the film but we’re wishing her success. The film, however, might be made available on streaming platforms in due time.

You can watch the movie’s trailer in the meantime and see how brave she was to pursue this kind of topic at her age.





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