Alekey Marshal Talks On New Hit Single “Mamacita”

Kenyan star Alekey Marshal released his latest “Mamacita” music early last week. The powerhouse has been conjuring airwaves with his unique voice since the song’s release. We pinned him down for an interview to find out a little more about everything behind this masterpiece and what his next projects are;

Let’s talk about your newest single “Mamacita”. What was the process behind creating this masterpiece?

I created the song while I jamming with my guitar, randomly. That sweet melody hit me and within a few seconds came the first line and it kept going. I thought it sounded really nice, so I had to call my producer and we started working on it immediately.


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What was the inspiration behind “Mamacita” and its visual concept?

This song is about a young beautiful woman who is reluctant to come my way, on the first verse. However, the second verse paints a picture of me and this woman who has now reciprocated my calling. Most of the songs I have released this year are mostly of love stories which has helped my fans to see me in a different spectrum having made more conscious music in the past and has helped me strike a balance as life itself is or should be.

The opening word in the song is “hello”.  This word carried the day in our planning for the music video. We developed the script to suit the imagination and paint the right picture that comes to the listeners’ minds when they listen to the song. For that reason, we set up an office like scenario and I am having a phone conversation with Mamacita, speaking seductive words till she comes to my office where we proceed to have some intense dances. We incorporated salsa dancers in the video so as to complement the video and also to respond to ‘Bachata’ dance style that I mentioned in the song.

The video has garnered over 4,000 YouTube views since its release, how would you describe the fans’ reception to it the stint thus far?

“Mamacita” has received amazing reception so far, barely a week since its release and I’m still hoping that the music will be exposed to a larger audience as time goes by.

What is the one thing you would like to share with our readers going forward with your music?

To the readers, I would love to thank them and encourage them to keep supporting good music in general and also to let them know that they’re appreciated. I have plenty of new music and projects I’m working on that will be great going forward.

And lastly, a word to your fans?

To my fans, I want to let them know that I’m so thankful for their support. Everyone has a dream, and for them to show love and support towards my music, means everything to me. For that reason, I can confidently promise them that I will keep on giving them amazing music and surprises. Also, to every fan of mine, I want to let them know that they’re family and so I wish them too, all the best in all their endeavors. It has been a very beautiful music year.

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